Below is the schedule of events for the conference. For more information,
call 1.800.755.2456 ext. 228 or email

Tours: Tuesday – Wednesday, Sept. 24 & 25

Wednesday, 25 September

Registration Opens On-Site
Volunteer Training
12 Noon Global Council (national leaders only)
4 pm Global Leaders’ Summit (open to all leaders)

Thursday, 26 September

9 am Global Leaders’ Summit (open to all leaders)
7:30 pm Evening of Worship with Terry MacAlmon

Friday, 27 September

9 am Opening Session Flag Parade, Jane Hansen Hoyt Speaking
12:30 pm Transformation Outreach
2 pm Afternoon Session
7:30 pm Evening Session – Guest Night, George Otis Jr Speaking

Saturday, 28 September

9 am Morning Session
2 pm Ministry Meetings
7:30 pm Evening Session, George Otis Jr Speaking

Sunday, 29 September

9 am Closing Session, Graham Cooke Speaking