Saturday Morning Generations Session

Jessica, Kimmy, Kariah, Amanda, Ashley and Anna. Our amazing Generations team!

Jessica, Kimmy, Kariah, Amanda, Ashley and Anna. Our amazing Generations team!

Wow, I don’t even know how to begin describing this session. Several months ago, Jane had asked our Generations team at headquarters, led by the inimitable Anna Hammer, to take the Saturday morning session. She wanted them to showcase all the ministries of Aglow in a creative, interesting way. Boy did they deliver!

I laughed, I cried (several times), and was amazed at the talent and creativity of not only our Generations gals, but of everyone who participated in the session. – Rick

To pick up where Rick left off…

The days leading up to the Generation Session were shrouded in secrecy.  We knew we were in for a big surprise, but no one was talking.

After opening worship with Klaus, the Generations Team danced “flash mob” style to Our God is an Awesome God.  Yep, it was worth the wait already.  They were amazing!

After team introductions, they showed a video showcasing the 45 year history of Aglow International.  From 4 women sitting around a kitchen table to 170 nations today, one can only be struck with awe at what God has done.

Now on to the interviews showcasing the Aglow Ministries.

Male-Female Reconciliation Mandate

The first interview was with Jane.  Anna started off with questions about the male-female reconciliation mandate.  Jane shared from her heart how the mandate was received.  In the 1970s, Jane was a stay-at-home mom dealing with struggles with her family at home.  As she partnered with the Holy Spirit in prayer for the life of her family, especially for her son, she began to see things turn around.  It was then that Jane saw the importance of the role male and female must play together as intended in God’s original design.

Islam Mandate

Zabrina RobinsonWhile Diane Fink read prophecies given to Aglow concerning the Islam Mandate, Zabrina Robinson, Generations Southeast Regional Coordinator, did a captivating interpretive dance.  Diane Moder then spoke about the Islam Mandate.  The love and compassion flowing from her heart for the Muslim people was perhaps a small glimpse of the heart of God for the sons of Ishmael. She then spoke about Diwaniya – the Rest of the Story, the Aglow television series which has touched the lives of multiplied thousands of Muslim men and women around the globe.  The segment concluded with Dr. Victor Khalil speaking a blessing and praying over Aglow in Arabic.  Powerful!

Israel Mandate

Jessica Wilson interviewed Sandy Wezowicz about the Israel Mandate and the Wow Seminars.  If you’ve never attended a WOW Seminar, hop on board the next time one is in your area.  This seminar which is now being taught around the world will educate, inform, and equip you with the tools necessary to be ready “in season and out of season” concerning Israel and her role in the world. Find out more about Watchmen on the Wall Seminars.  Statements were then made from IBOD members declaring their solidarity with Israel in their corners of the world.  We were honored to have Rabbi Charles Kluge close the segment with the Aaronic blessing.

Generations Project

Tawny BondBeginning in 2006, the Generations Project now has 55 groups in 20 nations. Anna Hammer interviewed Raymond Bond, the onfire leader of the Generations group in the DC area.  Raymond and his wife Tawny reach out through expressions of the creative arts.  Following the interview Tawny, did an anointed expressive dance.  Wow! Closing this portion, Nashon, from the Bahamas Generation Group, stirred everyone’s hearts with her poem entitled, “What’s My Occupation?”.


Since 2007, Janet Mangum, Transformation Director, has been leading teams to communities, villages, and cities all over the globe touching lives and bringing true transformation to hearts.  From evangelistic outreaches to teaching people business skills, a community will never be the same after a visit from the Transformations Team.


Diane Fink, Director of the Aglow Institute for Ministry was introduced by Kariah Kussman.  With a QA session complete with Jeopardy music, we learned about AIM.  To date, students from 17 nations and 4 continents have participated in AIM courses.  With online training available 24-7-365, what are you waiting for?  Find out more about AIM.

Men of Issachar

Jessica Wilson interviewed Rick Allen, IBOD Member, Director of Aglow Creative Services (and so much more), about the Men of Issachar ministry.  This ministry connects men globally in prayer through email, bringing them together to pray for issues on the world stage or men’s issues specifically.  As the ending punctuation for this segment, 5 Aglow men did a rousing Barbershop style song complete with handlebar moustaches and straw hats.  Of course, Tony’s mustache fell off at the gitgo making everyone roar.  We can only hope they hold on to their day jobs, lol.

Capital Prayer

Ingred, Netherlands National Prayer CoordinatorWith the knowledge that the seat of government is the most strategic place in the nation, the Capital Prayer ministry was born.  Nancy McDaniel, Aglow Prayer Director expounded that Capital Prayer is not a program of prayer, it’s all about positioning.  Nancy related that recently in Ghana, 8,100 people gathered in their capital city to pray for the nation. Ingred, Netherlands National Prayer Coordinator, told about how her team prays in The Hague at three specific locations the Lord showed them, praying with the theme, “Return to your Creator”.  During their first prayer walk they passed the Prime Minister of the Netherlands on the street and exchanged greetings.  The team blessed him in the Name of the Lord.

Anti-Human Trafficking

Jessica Wilson, Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist did a dramatic interpretation of a poem from the perspective of a woman caught in the trap of human trafficking.  It brought a glimpse of the reality of what it must be like to live in such a nightmare.  Jessica also told the story of a group of young women who were caught as sex slaves.  Every night for one year the girls prayed to Allah that they would be set free.  One night, one of the girls remembered that her grandmother prayed to Jesus, so  they decided to do that.  Shortly thereafter, the girls were rescued.

The Generations Session concluded with Ollie, from the Faroe Islands, leading in worship in English and in his native tongue.  What a gift!

Great job, Generations Team!  Yep, it was worth the wait.



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