Saturday Evening Session with George Otis Jr

David Stanfield

David Stanfield and his group of banner-wielding Australians added a powerful element to our worship sessions.

On Saturday evening, the worship went on and on and on and on! It went from loud celebration to intimate communion and then back to celebration again. I especially enjoyed seeing the men (about 20 of them) worshiping with banners, led by David Stanfield from Australia. Seeing the flags waving in unison around the large meeting hall was so inspiring. I loved it!

When George Otis Jr got up to speak, he said “I’ve come to a conclusion about Aglow International — you’re all worship addicts.” So true — and the Lord is dancing with us — or maybe over us as it says in Zephaniah.

George spoke about prayer this evening. Here are some highlights of what he shared with us:

I once spent 72 hours straight in prayer — without sleep — and felt exhilarated when it was over. It was during a revival in another country and I had come there to document what was happening.

So what would true transformation look like? Rapid church growth for sure, but that’s not all. We would also see dramatic social, political and economic change.

A transformational community is a neighborhood, city or nation whose values and institutions have been overrun by the values of the Kingdom of God.

Prayer plays a critical role in its success.

The question is “Are our prayers getting answered?” If you take an honest assessment of society today, you’ll have to agree that:

  • Corruption is pervasive
  • Economies are failing
  • Islam is spreading
  • Pornography is rampant (affecting an estimated 54% of U.S. pastors)

Many Christians “play” at prayer. We pray when we feel like it and without any kind of system method for our prayers.

Transformational prayer is not centered on how long we pray or even on how many are praying.

Maybe we should spend less time praying and more time preparing ourselves to receive when we do pray.

Prevailing prayer attains the blessing it seeks. Transformational intercessors know their prayers are being answered.


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