Flag Parade

Friday Morning Flag Parade/Jane’s Keynote Message

We love the Africans!

We love the Africans!

Wow, wow, wow! The Flag Parade is always one of the highlights of our global conference, and this year was no exception. As each nation made their way through the crowd, prayers, applause and cheers went up. We have 104 nations represented at this conference and around 3000 in attendance. The atmosphere was electric as we prayed for the nations and worshiped. Jane quoted from Psalm 2:8 “Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.” What an experience!

Jane shared her keynote message after the Flag Parade. We’ll be posting a more complete report of her message soon, but for now, here are the highlights:

I recently spoke at Chuck Pierce’s Head of the Year conference. After my message, Chuck gave a prophetic word that the “bees are amassing again” and that this would be the “Year of the bee.” Chuck saw a “miracle box” with honeycomb. As women began to stand in the midst of the honeycomb, women’s structures were appearing. As they worshiped, honey began to appear throughout the earth. Nations were shifted. It was so powerful, it was as though the words had never been heard before. Women will play a crucial role in this, and men will stand with them.

Jane Hansen Hoyt

Jane speaking Friday morning.

In 2003 when Dutch Sheets said “I give you the key”, Aglow was mantled with a new authority.

God won’t give you a new level of ministry until you have a new level of relationship.

God’s presence — that’s what Aglow brings to the world. It’s our greatest ministry.

In the book of Ruth, Naomi had left Bethlehem (House of Bread), and after nine years, she heard that God had visited Israel again with fresh bread. Aglow has been a “house of bread” for decades. We’ve risen in our identity. We have a greater understanding of abundance and the life within us.

An amassing of bees happened in the 1970’s. Women began to gather and Aglow was one of those places. God’s purpose has been two-fold: The first chapter of Genesis records how God created Adam and Eve in His image. He was showing us the structure He chose to reveal Himself in the earth. He said to be fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth and take dominion over it. Genesis 3 tells of the ancient curse. The woman exposed the enemy. God said that she’ll continue to expose him over and over again.

The Genesis 3 scripture is an awakening point for women. The awakening is for authority. He’s been awakening women with a divine purpose. “My people are going to arise in the earth in this last day in a way I have purposed from the beginning.”

In the New Testament, Jesus transferred the power, authority and responsibility to us. From Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, His word is being fulfilled in our day and we are witnesses of that.

Jerusalem was retaken by Israeli soldiers on the same calendar day that Jesus ascended to His throne.

Asher Intrater told us that Aglow has a key role to play in these end times. The book of Acts is coming alive again! Asher told us when we were with him in Israel, “What if Aglow worldwide could receive a commission from the apostolic leadership in Jerusalem? You would be the same Aglow, but there would be a new fire and anointing. You would be sent out from the city of Jerusalem to go to the ends of the earth.” It’s a spiritual alignment. He has visited with fresh bread again, and we are being sent.

Aglow women and men are going out. This is the fulfillment of the Genesis scripture. “Wherever you enter, I will soften the ground. I will release the anointing of honey. A new fire will be kindled and a new Heaven will be opened up.” Every nation will begin to bow before Him.

Jesus said “I am the Bread of Life.” God is unfolding His mighty plan for the earth. We’re going to the ends of the earth. We won’t be stopped or intimidated. We carry His presence!




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