Friday Evening Session with George Otis Jr

On Friday evening the people began gathering early in anticipation of the worship and the message, both of which were amazing. Klaus led us into the throne room as we reveled God’s goodness with songs of joyful celebration. From up on the stage, I have an unobstructed view of the free worship that we appreciate so much at Aglow conferences. I love to watch the dancing, banner waving and shofar blowing. People from over 100 nations celebrating together. This truly is a taste of Heaven!

George Otis Jr was our speaker for this evening’s session. I have always loved the Transformations documentaries that George’s ministry produces, so I listened with great interest as he shared. Here are some of the highlights from his message:

George started off by quoting from Psalm 145:
I will extol You, my God, O King; and will bless Your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless You, and I will praise Your name forever and ever. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.

In order for us to tell the next generation about God’s mighty acts, we need to experience them for ourselves. We need to encounter God as He is so that we can pass it on. The only way for us to that is to get outside our churches, into society, and let God’s power be manifest in our lives.

George then went on to talk about societal transformation, and if we try to do it in our own strength and our own effort, we will fail. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit will we see true change in our society.

God has called Aglow to be a societal change agent.

Sometimes we believe our invisible God will work only when seeing visible means for Him to do so. When this happens, our guidance comes from our assets (do we have enough money, resources, etc) rather than from God.

God will never give us an assignment that will work Him out of our lives. If we don’t put ourselves in the position of needing a miracle, we’ll never receive one.

We’re loosing our ability to focus. Author Maggie Jackson said “We’re living in highly interrupted ways.” We are a “Prisoner of the outer world.” We prefer veneer and form rather than depth and content because we are always plugged in to our electronic devices and have substituted tweets for meaningful conversations with live people — including God.

A friend of mine said “Jesus is the only bridegroom I know who’s bride will hardly speak to Him.”
Cell phones dominate our lives. They’ve turned us into rude, superficial human beings.

We must remove ourselves from distractions if we want transformation.

It’s not rejection that repels the presence of God, it’s hesitation.

You will be called “sought after.”


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