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October 6 – Saturday Morning Session

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Opening Prayer

Glenda Fleming, US Regional Director, opened the session in prayer declaring over Aglow that before He formed us in the womb He knew us, and declared our days and our purpose in the earth. We are yours, Lord! Where you lead us, we will follow. Let it be said of us that we are those who are turning the United States and the world upside down.


As part of our upgrade, God is adding a new expression to the Israel mandate. It’s time to put feet to our prayers concerning the nation of Israel. Part of the new identity of Aglow is governmental authority. We now have an opportunity to speak into the mountain of government making our voices known in the very halls of congress. We are partnering with <<AIPAC>>, an established organization which lobbies on behalf of US/Israel relationships, and whose primary focus is the security of Israel. As we receive information from AIPAC we will send out Aglow Action Alerts which will notify you by email when legislation concerning Israel is coming up for a vote in congress. Within the alert will be information on how you can contact your elected officials and make your voice heard. To sign up for the Aglow Action Alerts please send an email to <<aglowisraelmandate@gmail.com>> and request to be added to the list.

Graham Cooke – Identity

Key Points to the Message

“We’re not dealing with negatives, we’re dealing with the possibilities of the kingdom.”


We have to make a shift in our hearts to understand the beauty and majesty of God. When the kingdom is not central to who we are and how we live, then all we have is church. Church by itself is only legalistic religion when it is separate from the kingdom. Everything we do in ministry should cause alignments in people. We need to get closure on the old man. It’s essential for us to focus on the new man and consider the old man truly dead. Our pastoral thinking must shift to embrace this truth.


When God gives us a prophetic word He is introducing us to our future. Oftentimes it doesn’t make sense to us in the present because we’re not there yet. Go back and look at previous words that have been given to you. They may make more sense to you today than they did when they were given.

“What we are doing in Aglow in these days is not just speaking to your present, we’re connecting you to your future.”

Rejoicing in where you are now positions you for an upgrade.  You may be behind the time of your development, but God is a redeemer, and He knows how to make up for lost time. There is so much freedom coming your way.

Identity – The Key to Transformation

God wants us to ask questions. The 2 best questions in the Bible are asked in the book of Acts. What does this mean, and what must I do? Never ask the ‘why’ question because it never gets answered on earth. It’s an invalid question which makes you an invalid. If we ask the right questions God reveals His identity to us, and He reveals our identity to us.

Moses asked to see the glory of God. God showed him His goodness, and then told him how He was known in heaven. When Jesus read from the scroll in the temple He was telling the people how He was known in heaven. In John 16:5-15 Jesus speaks to the disciples about the description of the assignment of the Holy Spirit, how he is known in heaven, and how he would be known on the earth. It is imperative that we comprehend how we are known in heaven so that our destiny can be fulfilled on the earth. When we grasp this, our prayer life changes. Whatever God orders He pays for.

Prophetic Words

When we get a prophetic word it is telling us how we are known in heaven. God is speaking something from our future into our present. Our question should then be, “What kind of man or woman do I need to become in order to see that word fulfilled?” The word is not just about a ministry, it’s about your identity, and your identity is about an upgrade in your personality.

We have multiple identities, such as father, brother, son, etc., but only one personality. We are many things to many people. Each identity has its own level of fullness and a provision attached to it.

Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke at Saturday morning session

Pay close attention when you read a passage of scripture that jumps off the page and captures your heart. God is giving you a key to the transformation of your identity and revealing your inheritance. If there is someone’s name in that passage, God is telling you that you can have the same experiences that they had.

The gap between prophecy spoken and prophecy fulfilled is the territory where you get changed as a human being, so that you can become the kind of person that is necessary for those things to come to pass. The question you need to ask is, “What kind of person do I need to be to fulfill that word?” Every circumstance you encounter is designed to take you higher so you can step into that identity and embrace that destiny.

The journey is not just about you getting there, it’s about who you become along the way. When we allow God to change us, we are developing in our personality the identity that God sees for us in heaven.

A prophetic word should be the end of whining. Your words need to align with the new identity that has just been spoken over you.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always praying for you. What if you are the third part of a threefold cord of prayer? What if prayer is not praying towards God, it’s praying with Him? What if it’s not praying to find an answer, it’s praying with the answer? We’re coming into alignment with heaven. A promise means the end of petitioning prayer, and the beginning of declaration and confession.

The Wilderness

When God is pleased with you He takes you into the wilderness. After the dove ascended on Jesus and God declared that He was pleased with Him, the next place God took Him was into the wilderness. When the Israelites were released from Egypt, God took them into the wilderness to take a rabble of slaves and turn them into a disciplined army. The wilderness is a place of no distractions. It’s a place where He can get your attention.

Hosea 2:14-15 says that He leads us into the wilderness to speak kindly to us and give us a door of hope. The wilderness is always about you inheriting the next thing. He wants to give you something huge in that place.

Your Inheritance Word

When God gives you your inheritance word He’s giving you an elevated status in Jesus. Your inheritance word tells you the next level God wants you to live on, gives you legal authority over the enemy, and gives you permission to overcome every obstacle. God wants to put promises in your life that turn you into a different man and a different woman.

God spoke an inheritance word to Gideon when He called Him a mighty man of valor and told him that he would deliver Israel. The last thing Gideon felt like was a deliverer. When we receive prophecies, promises, and inheritance words, the negativity in us rises to the top. The word hangs over our head like a magnet pulling out negativity. God ignores that, and relates to us like we already have the character necessary to obtain the promise. If our vision of ourselves is not compatible with the promise, we are the ones that need to change. Our words need to come in line with our promises.

To embrace your inheritance three things need to change: your perception, your thinking, and your language.

Warriors don’t look for rescue, they look for majesty. It doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by wolves if your best friend is a lion.

We need to live our lives in the present looking toward our future. God is relating to us from the future looking into our present. When those 2 connect all heaven breaks loose.

As He is, so are we in this world. We are stepping into our true identities. We are learning to run!

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