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October 6 – Saturday Afternoon Session

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Upgrade Discussion Session

We’ve been hearing a lot of truths since 2003 and especially the last few years. The purpose of the Saturday afternoon Upgrade Sessions was to give people a chance to explore together some of these truths and the meaning they have in our lives personally, and within the ministry of Aglow corporately.

Nancy McGuirk and Jane Hansen Hoyt

Nancy McGuirk and Jane Hansen Hoyt

The Upgrade Sessions were held in four different rooms, facilitated by Aglow leaders. Here on the blog, we’re featuring the session that Jane facilitated.

Jane Hansen Hoyt – We feel like we are moving into the fullness of our upgrade in such incredible ways. We have found that the more opportunity we have to talk together about the truths that are being spoken to us, the greater our understanding becomes. As we marinade in these truths, ingest them, and meditate on them, we find more and more that it really is becoming part of our language and understanding. Graham said that there can no longer be a disparity between our corporate identity and our individual and local identity. God is lifting us up individual and corporately. We are learning to live from new mindsets. Our identity is the key to this kind of transformation.

Questions were prepared for the audience so they could split up into groups of 3-5 for discussion. Then a representative from the group was asked to share some key points of their dialog with the entire audience.

How does the picture you have of God determine your identity?

Brenda, California – “How you see God is how you see yourself. It also influences how you relate to other people.” In the midst of a time when Brenda was experiencing marital problems, she cried out to the Lord and said, “If I get a divorce, You will hate me, because You hate divorce.” The Lord told her that she didn’t know His heart. What He hated was what it was doing to her. He hated that it was ripping her apart. Then God reassured her of His love. Knowing that she was loved by Him took her love walk with other people to a whole new level.

Nancy McGuirk, U.S. Regional Director – Nancy grew up with a mindset that when she did something wrong there were consequences, and she was swiftly punished. This has made it hard for her to accept the unconditional love of the Father. Currently Nancy is dealing with some hip problems, and it has been suggested that she is wrestling with God, or is in some kind of rebellion. While she has examined herself, she is coming to realize that God does not operate like that. Knowing that He is always good, and she is a loved child whether she has been perfect or has blown it, is helping her be at peace through this trial.

Jane Hansen Hoyt – We are to “call people up, not out”. Instead of telling someone that they are in rebellion we should speak to one another of who God is and of His great love for us. How you perceive Him is how you receive Him. He wants us to be so solid that we view everything through the lens of His goodness.

As we face difficult situations are we being challenged by God or by the enemy?

Jackie, California – “When we face difficult situations we are being challenged by God, but He uses the enemy.” As a counselor, Jackie feels there are 3 main areas where people get stuck; generational sins, the lies that we believe, and the sins we are trapped in. The solution is to give Him our “stuff” so we can be free.

Michelle, Kentucky – Recently, Michelle wrote a paper called “Minus Me”. When a difficult situation comes along she asks God to show her the truth of what is happening from His perspective, “minus me”. This allows her heart to be open for God to show her how to see things from someone else’s perspective, thus opening the door for a more compassionate response.

Sande Lofberg, U.S. Regional Director – The immediate reaction of Sande’s group to the question was, “yes”. God puts something of His character in us and we don’t really know what’s in us until a difficulty arises. These things allow us to know not only who we, are but whose we are. When Sande bakes bread she “proofs” it, which means she allows the yeast that she put in it to do its job. The Holy Spirit is in us doing His job.

Jane Hansen Hoyt – If we believe we’re being challenged by heaven, then we are learning to process everything through majesty. No matter what comes, we’re His and He is ours.

What part of your current identity needs an upgrade, and what truth is the Father wanting you to embrace at this time?

Karen, Hawaii – Up until a few weeks ago, Karen was living as a “spiritual anorexic”. God embraced her and said, “Come to the table and eat. You don’t have to settle for the crumbs”.

Robert, California – Robert is receiving an upgrade in trusting God, knowing that He is giving him sufficient light to see his next step.

Janet McGee, U.S. Regional Director – I cannot be modified, but I have been transformed.

Describe limitless living from your daily perspective.

Stacy, Oregon – Limitless living is like a never ending cup of coffee. When people around you are being difficult, the Holy Spirit comes around to give you a warm-up.

John, South Dakota – Limitless living from a daily perspective means beginning to understand that I have no limits.

Nancy – Being a younger woman, Nancy thought that an Aglow conference was just a bunch of old ladies. She experienced the limitlessness of God moving through young and old during the sessions.

Gina, Montana – Every time you feel a rift with someone, it’s an opportunity to react out of His love instead of the flesh.

Pat, Colorado – Limitless living is not static. When the comfort of the familiar is gone we need to lean into The Comforter.

Jane Hansen Hoyt – God has put us in Christ which is an unfathomable state of grace with incredible favor attached to it. It is in this place that everything is possible, doable, and obtainable. We have to let go of the old way of thinking to enter into the new thing that He has.

How is the Holy Spirit teaching you to reframe your thinking and speaking?

He has taught me to disagree with myself when my thinking doesn’t align with His.

Kathy, Texas – Kathy, a former kindergarten teacher, said that by the time a child is 5 years old they have been taught to believe many negative things about themselves. She taught her students a song – You put your good thoughts in, you take the bad thoughts out, you put your good thoughts in and you concentrate on that. You stop your stinking thinking and you turn your life around. That’s what it’s all about.

Melissa, California – The abundant life is from ear to ear.

Cindy, California – It’s all about changing the atmosphere. There is good in any situation.

Jane Hansen Hoyt – A mindset cannot be changed. It has to be replaced.

What does living in the favor of God mean to you?

Kay Rogers – When children are growing up they look to see who gets the biggest portion, thinking that if one child gets more the others will get less. Everybody living in the kingdom of God gets the biggest piece.

Karen, Connecticut – Living in the favor of God means that God goes before us, so that all that we do will be accomplished in a greater way than we can imagine.

Fran, Alaska – Lift up your eyes, it’s time for you to walk in favor. Rise from the dust, for great is Jesus, your reward. Cease your slavery and labor, step into the realm of favor, and gain your plunder by the supernatural wisdom of our God.

Dianne, Netherlands – Living in God’s favor means you know that you are His favorite.

Jane Hansen Hoyt – Because we are in Christ, walking in favor means that we can walk in the same relationship with the Father that Jesus has. That’s why we’re called joint heirs with Christ. It’s not about performance, it’s about placement. He’s placed you between the Father and the Son. Favor is relationship.

“We live under His smile of approval. “

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