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October 5 – Friday Evening Session

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In the Friday evening session Klaus opened the meeting with the song I am Free. What a great way to begin – declaring our freedom!

Human Trafficking

Jessica Wilson has a new title to add to the other hats she wears for Aglow, Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist. She was asked by Jane to do research about this industry which is conservatively estimated to have 27 million victims worldwide. Aglow is taking action by beginning with 3 steps.

1) Sign up for the Anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter on the Aglow website for prayer points.

2) Become educated. The newsletter will be a great source for this, too.

3) Become involved locally. One idea is to prayer walk your malls, and Junior and Senior High Schools, which are strategic places for recruitment into the sex industry.

We can make a difference!

Aglow Generations

Anna Hammer, our dynamo Generations Project Director, challenged the audience to “take us with you”. Whether it’s supporting a young person to go to Israel, helping them to join a Transformation outreach, or purposing in your heart to bring a young person to conference with you next year, young people are rising up and wanting to be mentored. They are wanting to be a part of the destiny God has for them. Everyone supporting and giving just a little bit would add up to so much.

Stewardship Ambassador

Deborah Kiser, one of Aglow’s Stewardship Ambassadors, asked the question, “What would it look like in your giving if you were write checks out of your ‘Bank Of Jesus’ account? It would be Jesus Christ in you pouring out everywhere you walk.”

Growing up in poverty, Deborah had the mindset that she was not worth God’s blessing. Her self-esteem was tied to her financial condition. As an adult she came into wealth, but still had a poverty mentality. God has set her free!  She now has an attitude that says, “I want to be a visual aid to humanity of what blessing looks like.”

Click <<here>> to make a donation to Aglow.

Charles Barnett

Once again Charles blessed us with song, inspiring testimony, and an anointed drum solo. Charles has been blessing Aglow conferences for many years. Love that guy!


Klaus and his team led us into the very throne room of God in worship. The awesome presence of our King filled the room, and filled our hearts with His great love!

Graham Cooke – First Love

Key Points of the Message

Opening with Revelation 13:8 and John 17:20, Graham began expounding on the subject of First Love.

The love between the Father and the Son was so profound that they were compelled to share it with someone. They wanted to create a people group who would stand between the Father and the Son and be filled with their devotion to each other, so that when the Father looked at the Son, the people group between them would be enraptured with the love He had for Jesus. And when the Son looked at the Father, the people in the middle would experience that profound love, too. They wanted these people to be changed by this great love.

Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke

Great love is based on great freedom. God didn’t want clones of Himself, so he gave people the freedom to either choose Him, or reject Him.

Jesus was slain before the foundation of the world. Before Genesis 1:1, before “Let there be light”, it was a done deal. The plan was already set in place to rescue those who would choose to turn Him away.


There is a place in the affections of God that is so huge, we need the mind of Christ to comprehend it. We need Wisdom to understand this kind of love.

Wisdom understands complex things and puts them in simple terms.

First Love

In Revelation 2, the church had left their first love, which is the love that existed before the foundation of the world. It is the love the Father has for the Son, and the Son for the Father.

“We have put the great commission ahead of the first commandment.”

It is our responsibility to receive love above all things, and manifest it at every opportunity. Love never fails.

We need to understand the importance of persecution, of having difficult people around you, of having people who don’t like you come into your life. Those are the people you get to practice love on.

How do you love when it is not returned? Love doesn’t seek a return.

“I am what I love, not what loves me.”

If you are easily offended, it proves that you don’t have a relationship with The Comforter.

“I will not have my life defined by the behavior of someone else. It is a growing passion in my heart to choose love, to abide in the place of unfailing love.”

Life is too short for anger, resentment, and bitterness.

The 3 Stooges

When Graham first starting walking in the prophetic ministry, there were 3 gentlemen who made life miserable for him, stirring up trouble everywhere he went with accusations, lies, and slander. They were affectionately dubbed ‘The 3 Stooges’. During that time he learned how to be faithful in season and out of season, how to press in, stand up, and be committed to what God had called him to do.

One night God gave Graham a dream where he was in the throne room sitting on the Lord’s lap. Their heads were together, and the love between them was palpable. (Dreams are God’s way of bypassing all our ‘stuff’ so He can give us encounters leading us to have real life experiences mirroring what happened in the dream.)

In the dream an angel brought in a 6’ x 4’ x 3’ block of marble and set it before Graham. Then Jesus stepped into view, stuck His finger in the marble, and etched a figure. After this, 3 sets of hands begun to sculpt the stone with chisels and hammers. The Lord told Graham that they would work faster if he encouraged them. At first he gave a feeble attempt, but then really got into it. The hands worked faster and faster, marble flying everywhere. When the sculpture was completed it was absolutely magnificent. The Lord told him that it was the finished product of what God was making Graham into. He was stunned at its beauty.

The Lord asked him if he would like to thank the sculptors. He said yes, so out from behind the statue came The 3 Stooges. God told Graham that all the people who are against him are actually part of His purpose to assist in making him into the person that God wants him to be.

From that time forward, every time the 3 men would show up to harass him at a meeting, Graham was happy to see them and greeted them with enthusiasm and kindness.

This experience began to teach Graham about ‘grace growers’. He says his wife is married to a ‘grace grower’. LOL

We are the Beloved of God

Of all the people groups on earth we are the only ones who are defined by love.  We are identified by how we are loved, and how we choose to love at every single opportunity.

The call to each one of us is to step into the place of first love, the space between the Father and the Son. You’re designed to come to a place where you can only think and act from a place of outrageous love.

Your role in the earth is to be the beloved of God. It is of utmost importance that you learn how to receive the love of God and be filled up with it to overflowing.

Everything that happens in your life is to establish love in you. It’s not our job to just tell the world that God loves them. The world needs to see you being loved by Him.  They need to see that you are confident in His affections. That will make them want to be loved by Him, too.

There may be times that there isn’t a happy ending to your circumstances. You may be wounded, persecuted, maybe even hated. But you have choices about how you respond. It is a privilege to be perfected in love, to have fear driven out of you, because the love of God is stronger than the fear of any man. You are designed to be overwhelmed by the love of God.

“Love is never reactive, it’s always responsive.”

Graham knew a family in India who had a beautiful daughter. When she was 15 years old she was gang raped by 4 men. The face of her last attacker was scorched from a burn he sustained in a fire. As he was getting up off of her after violating her, she reached out her hand, touched his face, and said, “Be healed in Jesus name.” He was instantly healed. When Graham asked her why she did it she responded, “I knew it was the man’s greatest opportunity to receive a touch from God. How could I deny him that moment?”

Just Dance

In the midst of great persecution, God taught Graham to stop praying like a victim and just dance with Him.

We ARE the beloved of God, abiding in the place between the Father and the Son. Let’s dance.


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