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October 5 – Friday Morning Session

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After an opening song by Klaus that touched the heavens for the King of Glory to come in, Carolyn Suty, US Regional Director, began the session with a greeting. She is overwhelmed at the impact the Aglow conference had 2 years ago in San Jose, California. Carolyn can still sense the presence, and ‘feel’ the fragrance of the Lord over that city. She prayed over the morning session that we would have a greater visitation which leads to a greater habitation.

Heavenly Account

Diane Fink gave a powerful prophetic word.

I heard the Lord saying:

Each one of you has a heavenly account – there is an account in heaven with your name on it. You have made deposits into that account every time you have received His love and then given it away to someone else… Every time you have given in response to His prompting… Every time you have worshiped Him, prayed, been obedient to His leading. Every time you have put Him first, said “YES” to Him… A deposit was made into your account.

PDF of entire word <<our-heavenly-account-10-5-2012>>

Aglow Transformation

Janet Mangum gave a report of the Aglow Transformation Ministry. She conservatively estimates that over 200,000 people have come before the face and voice of this arm of Aglow in the last five years. Over 80,000 people have filled out salvation cards, and over 600 churches have been started from new converts. Thousands have experienced quantifiable miracles from needs in their hearts to paralytics walking. Go God!

Stewardship Giving

Gary and Kathie Williams had some fun with the offering. Gary popped up dress like the godfather and was tongue-in-cheek strong arming the audience saying, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way!” Right on cue, Kathy jumped up and shouted “No! You weren’t not supposed to get up and be the godfather, you were supposed to talk about God the Father!” Seriously folks, the heart our heavenly Father is giving. Click here to make a donation to Aglow.

Bobi Hromas

Matchmaker extraordinaire, Bobi Hromas shared how she introduced Jane and Tony. One morning she woke up with 2 names on her mind. Guess who. Yep, she gave both of them a call and set up a date. It took months for the meeting to take place, but when it finally did Jane showed up looking like an angel. Bobi said that the anointing was so strong on Jane when she opened the door that it felt like Jesus was on the doorstep waiting to come in.

Interesting note: Many years ago Bobi asked the Lord to show her the ministries that would be instrumental in preparing people to receive Him back on the earth. He showed her 6 ministries, the first of which was Aglow International.

Graham Cooke

The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke

Once again Graham Cooke brought a challenging message that stirred us to go up higher to take hold of our upgrade. Don’t you just love, Graham?

Key Points From the Message

We’ve all got a story and we’re all on a journey. You don’t need to play a bit part in the movie of your own life. If you don’t like the chapter you’re in, let’s think of what the next chapter will look like and how to stop repeating our present chapter.

“If God grants you something, He expects you to take Him for granted.”

It’s important to get closure on our old story. We’re moving from closure to conversion. We need to be converted to our true identity.

Kingdom Thinking

Graham read Romans 6:3-15. The passage is too long to put in this blog, but I recommend that you read it before going on to have a fuller understanding of his message.

We’re in this world, but we’re in a completely different dimension. We cannot draw our thinking or our practices from the world that is around us, we must align our behavior from the kingdom that is within us. We’re fighting on the victory side to regain control of what has gone on in the world. But first we have to deal with the religious devil that is living in our midst.

It’s foolish to believe that we can be perfected in a manner different than the one God has decreed. It’s foolish to believe that salvation is a gift, but sanctification is earned by our performance. That is a religious spirit and we need to kill that sucker stone dead!

Legalism and religion appeal to the flesh, and we have to resist them both. How do we do that? Consider yourself dead. This is a strategy to get you looking at what you’re not, at what you can’t do, then bring you into condemnation. This is a snake in the house of God and we need to kill.

“God is not dealing with your sin. He’s already dealt with it.”

Behavior Modification vs. The New Creation

Your flesh was too bad to be cleansed. It had to be crucified.

Most teaching in our churches is geared to behavior modification. You don’t become a new person by changing your behavior. You discover the new creation you already are in Christ and you behave accordingly. Everything about you that is against you or negative has been crucified with Christ on the cross, and you are free! The old you cannot be conformed into the image of God, it has to be transformed by being put into Christ.

He came to give us a fully realized presence that we could abide in forever. You are a new creation, so everything about you has to be new – how you think, how you talk, how you walk.

The Holy Spirit to the Rescue

You don’t have a sin nature. You may have a sin habit, but habits are easily broken, and you have the Holy Spirit to help you.

The Holy Spirit is not some little dove that is easily offended. If he was, he’d have to be in therapy for a millennium. He’s a dove because he’s peaceful.

The Holy Spirit has come to take all the things that belong to Jesus and help us take possession of them. Everything is doable to the Holy Spirit. He is the resident genius of heaven here on earth.

Love Eyes

When God looks at you He doesn’t see anything wrong with you. He only sees what’s missing from your experience with Him, and He’s totally committed to giving you that experience. God has not come to change us, He’s come to totally renew us.

Graham’s Dream

In Graham’s dream he was at the top of a hill. Jesus came marching up the hill with a set, annoyed look on His face. When He got to the top He put His finger in Graham’s face and demanded that he give Him back His stuff! Graham didn’t know what He meant, and was confused. Jesus clarified, “All that anxiety, that fear, that worry, that resentment, that anger, that low self-esteem, that poverty mindset, that bitterness, that unbelief – I died for it! I paid a price for it! Give me back My stuff!”

Graham sank to his knees crying. Situation after situation went rolling through his mind. Then Jesus pulled him to his feet, embraced him tenderly and said, “I died that you would never have to deal with that stuff ever again. Graham, all the time that you are dealing with this stuff you can’t receive what I want to give you. It is time for your emotions to grow up. It’s time for your thinking to go to the right level. Your story has to change. All that stuff belongs to Me now, and you can’t have it any more. I have things to give you that will turn you into a completely different man. I have things that you need to say to the world around you, but you can’t do it if you keep that stuff. Give me back my stuff!”

It’s time that we stop choosing worry, anxiety, and fear. It’s time that we started choosing trust and faith, and joy. It’s time we get closure on low self-esteem, a poverty mindset, and victim thinking.

The Cross

The cross means that you can no longer be present-past. That means that you cannot allow anything from the past to affect you adversely in the present. The cross kills off that part of your story. We have to get our stories straight.

You have to be present-future. That means you enjoy who you are now, and you enjoy who you are going to become next. Forget what lies behind and reach out to what lies ahead.

God doesn’t want to talk to you about your behavior; He wants to talk to you about your identity. We have been crucified with Christ. Don’t play dead, stay dead.

God is not dealing with sin; He is establishing your righteousness. He’s not dealing with the old you, He’s dealing with the new you, the true you. If you think you have a problem with fear, you don’t. God is trying to replace your fear and teach you perfect love.

“We’re not dealing with sin and the effects of sin. We’re dealing with righteousness and the effects thereof.”

Stress is not caused some something external, it’s caused by your perception of something.

No one makes you angry, you choose to be angry.

In Closing

If you get this whole thing sorted out you will come into an acceleration that you won’t believe. We need to stop moaning and complaining. That’s the worship language of hell.

You are so much better than this, so much more beautiful than you know, and so much more powerful than you realize. You are a new creation, the old has passed away.

God’s not dealing with the old you, let it rest in peace. He’s dealing with the new you, the true you. He’s establishing in you His own nature.

We are getting our story straight because we have a shot at being the most peaceful, power, triumphant people on the face of the earth.

Wow! Another life changing word from Graham. Can’t wait for the afternoon session with Jane and Rick!


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