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October 4 – Thursday Evening Session

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The Aglow International US National Conference in Ontario, California began with a powerful video recapping the history of Aglow since its inception 45 years ago. From a humble beginning in 1967 with 4 women, Aglow International is now spanning the globe in nearly 170 nations reaching 17 million people.

We are not spending this 45th anniversary looking back, but we are embracing His passion to move onward and upward. We look back and marvel at what we were, marvel at what we are, and marvel at what we are to become. There is an excitement to go to the next level.

Jane Hansen Hoyt opened her message by saying, “What if Aglow was known as a group of radiant encouragers who continually spoke of who God is, and who God is for us? “

Conference Banners

Conference Banners

Initially Aglow was a unique gathering place for the activity of the Holy Spirit to be welcomed and desired. It was a place for women to be inspired, blessed, and encouraged. That is still true, but in the 1980’s we began to understand the power of Genesis 3:15 where the woman exposed the true identity of the enemy calling him the deceiver. This scripture awakened something in our identity preparing us for the days ahead. It is a pivotal point for women and us as a ministry. Satan is not our enemy – we are his enemy.

Banners were brought in conveying aspects of the character and nature of God. He is the Creator, Redeemer, Deliverer, Restorer and Healer.

From Los Angeles to Mumbai, China to Zimbabwe, Aglow groups around the world are demonstrating these expressions of who God is, with feeding programs, Bible schools, public school programs, refugee camps, disaster relief, orphanages, and even Aglow at the city dump in Manilla.

Key Points of the Message

In 2003 a shift began to take place in our identity unplugging us from the past and rewiring us for the future. Prophetic words have been given each successive year leading us into our upgrades, calling us into our identity, and speaking of our arising.

45 years ago women lived with gender based restrictions. The culture defined women by what they could not do. There was an attitude that if anything meaningful happened in the church it would happen through men. The feminists emerged. The June Cleavers knew their place. Both were extremes, both were unhealthy, and both ran counter to Genesis 1:26-28 where God said to the male and the female that they would walk in dominion together in the earth.

In Islam the women wear burkas. Time magazine has described the burka as “a body bag for the living”. The religious system puts a religious burka over women, which runs counter to the plan God has set in place from the beginning.

When Graham Cooke began speaking to us about favor, identity, inheritance, an open heaven, and green lights being given, the burka went flying – the lid popped off, and it was the dawning of a new day.

When a new facet of your identity comes alive in you, there is no going back.

Never in all of history has there been this kind of a worldwide awakening in women. We have seen our identity from a higher perspective.

In 1988 Aglow had it first mission statement – Women’s Aglow Fellowship (as it was known then) provides support, education, training, and ministry opportunities to help women worldwide discover their true identity in Jesus Christ. The language of heaven is about identity from Genesis to Revelation. He tells us who He is, and therefore who we are. We can reach our full potential only after finding our identity in Jesus. Identity, knowing who we are, knowing our purpose, is the key to transformation.

Jesus said to Peter, who do you say that I am? Who he believed Jesus was, became critical to who he would become. If we don’t know who He is, we can never rise to who He has purposed us to be. On this rock, on this foundational truth, is the key to bringing the kingdom of God on the earth. Who do you say that He is?

He is saying to us, “It is the time of your arising. It is time to loose kingdom authority, identity, and the purposes of heaven in the earth”.

God has been hammering this truth about identity because it is the key to the transformation God is bringing in us.

We’ve heard messages about the 7 mountains of influence. Let’s take the mountains that have been spoken over our ministry. The women and men of Aglow have become a voice in the nations of the world. Their vision has been lifted higher.

The enemy has known from the beginning that there is a call, an anointing, an identity, related to the women that has been ordained from heaven and pronounced over him. God is restoring His original intention for women.

God is restoring His original plan for male and female. Expect it, look for it!

We need to go out in the fullness of understanding, of who He is for us and in us, Christ the hope of glory. Christ is the Creator, Redeemer, Deliverer, Restorer and Healer.

What is Aglow in a nutshell? We are a company of women and men who have aligned with heaven for the ultimate purpose of heaven, the ultimate purpose of warfare, to reveal the supremacy, sovereignty, and majesty of God.

Jane ended her message by saying, “He lives in you. Let Him out!”


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