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Sunday Session

October 3rd, 2011 19 comments

Jane asked Graham to share with us on Sunday morning

The Sunday morning session put an exclamation point on all that had happened throughout the week. The speakers have been incredible, the worship outstanding and of the presence of God has saturated everything. Jane asked Graham Cooke to share in the morning session before she comes on to wrap things up. Here’s what Graham had to say.

The Mind of Christ

The mind is a battle ground. God will take the place where we struggle the most and turn it into a place of radiance. Having the mind of Christ means we never entertain thoughts that are detrimental to our identity.

What if there are no negatives, only possibilities to be discovered?

I believe this is the time for us to learn what it means to be limitless. We are a people connected to Heaven as much, if not more, than we are connected to Earth. We are opening up to all that Heaven wants us to be. If something is loosed in Heaven for us, then we have the permission and authority to walk in that. When God gives you a promise, it is the end of supplication — it’s the beginning of proclamation.

This is a season of change. Ephesians 4 says there is a door standing open in Heaven and we must learn to do the business of Heaven here on Earth. We must become the fulfillment of all the Father’s intention for His creation in this life. There are gospel realities that can never be violated by circumstances.

We’re not beggars. It’s important for us to stop praying like a widow, and start praying like a bride.

We have the permission to pray down “your will be done”. Every obstacle must fall to proclamation. It’s time we took the gloves off. We’re a people of proclamation. We’re not beggars. It’s important for us to stop praying like a widow, and start praying like a bride.

Stop praying like God is reluctant to bless you. The only mindset that is required on earth is the same mindset as in Heaven. Move over, we’re coming through!

Every problem reveals a provision

We’re learning to be made in His image.  It’s important for us to make the transition from “us in Christ” to “Christ in us.” Jesus only did what the Father told him to do.

…by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. 2 Peter 1:4 (NKJV)

We become partakers of the divine nature. Every situation in life is for us to learn how to be like Jesus in the circumstance. We are in constant training. Can we agree together to stop whining and start rejoicing? Everything in life that you think is working against you, in Heaven it’s doing the exact opposite. Every problem reveals a provision. Every difficulty has to include an upgrade. Why? Because if you’re in Christ, so are all your problems.

This is the law of life in Christ Jesus: all difficulties include an upgrade; all problems come with a provision.

When we take our cues from the world, all we see is negativity. That’s all the world knows. When you take your cues from Heaven, you automatically see the provision. This is the law of life in Christ Jesus: all difficulties include an upgrade; all problems come with a provision.

You need to allow your thinking to become expanded so it can become the mind of Christ. Ephesians 3 – we are fellow heirs; Romans 8:17 – we are joint heirs in Christ. This is our inheritance – the truth of who Jesus is for us regardless of world events; regardless of the economy.

A People of Prosperity

We’re the visual aid of what it means to be in Christ. This is our moment to be a people of the opposite spirit. In time of real depression, this is the moment to show what God does for us. We’re not subject to the circumstances of earth. We’re a people of excellence. We’re a people who are prospering. Jesus went into Hell and came out with more than He went in with.

Because He is in you, you can have a different reality. It’s nonsense to say I’m in Christ, but I’m still subject to everything on the Earth. We are the people of God on the Earth. We are carriers of the good news; not stopped by anything, because the Christ who is in us cannot be stopped. Anyone who says they are Bible-believing, and are being beat down by the circumstances of life, are missing the point.

God said “I will not give my glory to another. ” WE ARE NOT ANOTHER!

It’s not enough to quote scripture (the Devil tried that). The issue is, where are you living? You must come to a place where the glory of God in your life is greater than any other. Anything less is simply not acceptable.

A Time of Change

We’re in a time of change in Aglow – where we stop being earthbound in our thinking. It’s not what we go through in life that should get our attention. We must encounter our own image in the face of Jesus. Allow your heart to rise up to encounter a revelation of what it really means to be in Christ. We are here, and we represent the majesty of God. The Earth is longing to partner with us. The Earth is crying out for us!!!

 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.  For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. Romans 8:18-22 (NKJV)

I prayed for rain in Australia. Let the river beds run again with water. They had floods. YOU are the breakthrough against famine.

People are not reading their Bible, they’re reading you. Everything that was created by God, was created for abundance. The Earth is crying out “Where are the sons and daughters of God? Come and pray over me!” The reason famine is there is so that the people of excellence will come and speak to the land. Speak to man-made things as well — the cities, neighborhoods. Pray for restoration, pray for rebuilding. Let something rise up in you and be the sound that rebuilds and restores.

God is saying YES.

This is what it means to be in Jesus and by God, this is what it means to be in Aglow.

Every one of you is a leader; a general. Go out and do it. This is what it means to be in Jesus and by God, this is what it means to be in Aglow.

The Bride and the Bridegroom

The Bride must be engaged with the Bridegroom. Jesus is coming back for a victorious bride. The Bride revels in her confidence in the blood of the Lamb. She stands in the gap between Rev 5:12 and 12:10. She has permission to overcome the accuser of the brethren.

We can hasten Christ’s return by learning how to rise up; become majestic, powerful, like a nation in our own right. Saying to the Earth, “This is what Heaven-to-Earth looks like”. We are a new creation, never seen before Jesus.

Before Christ, they were people of visitation. We are a people of habitation. God is not coming to help you out — He lives in you. The world has never before seen a people like us with God living on the inside. We need to show what it means to have Christ in us. A people with a whole new way of living, acting and standing. Nothing can stand against Him, and nothing can stand against Him in you. It’s our identity and our destiny.

A Great Moment

This is a great, great moment for us. God is breathing destiny on us. I believe that Aglow has passed her tests. We’ve come through our apprenticeship. He’s seen us cry. Now the time for crying is over. These are the days of laughing. We’re laughing intercessors and prophets. Here is the perseverance of the Saints – ones who keep their word. The real meaning of perseverance is to be cheerfully courageous.

Tribulation is designed to teach you how to be cheerfully courageous. So when you meet tribulation, your overcomer rises up. Jesus says I have overcome the world. Cheerful courage is empowering. Paul encouraged people on the ship in the storm. He said “I urge you to be cheerful.” “Keep being cheerful and take courage, for I believe God that it will turn out EXACTLY as I have been told.” All of them became cheerful.

We allow God’s faith to dictate our provision. There are unclaimed upgrades all over this room. Stop living below the line of your privilege. You are a citizen of Heaven. There is a different perspective for you. Start to think, start to explore. What does it mean to think brilliantly about my own life? I want to see it, embrace it, become it, be changed by it, so that when a problem comes I get excited because I know the provision is coming.

 You are a citizen of Heaven.

When you focus on the negative, what goodness are you not seeing? Your identity establishes your inheritance. Take responsibility for your blessing; for your promises. If you do, they’ll get bigger; they’ll come back bigger. Right now, in your current circumstances, count it joy.

Radical Change

In this time of radical change, a door is open in Heaven for you to learn to live in the fullness of Christ in these End Times. We have a voice. Because of the Father’s commitment to us, we can commit ourselves to a higher way living.

  • We have an anointing to rebuild
  • To cleanse and pardon people
  • The voice of gladness will be heard

In our times of worship, we’ll have Jesus dancing in our midst. We’ll experience what I’ve heard called a “thin place” where people can pass from Heaven to Earth. This is our inheritance. Heaven on Earth – we must not settle for less! We expect to see Heaven on Earth.

I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were at first says the Lord. We live for majesty. We don’t just say Jesus is Lord, we expect to see it. We expect to see the tangible hand of God in our midst.

The tide has turned. It turned a few years back. God is saying yes, yes, yes. This is your moment, this is your destiny. This is the time of our rising. It is vital that we rise up.

It’s time for us to do the work God has called us to do. We are Aglow and this is our time.


"God is waiting to hear your sound."

Jane closed the session, and the conference, with this…

Increased Mantle

No one is leaving this place the same. You’ve all heard something that has caused your mindset to shift.

When God gives a prophetic word over a person or ministry, He’s saying “This is how I see you, now I want you to begin to move with that mindset.” It’s time for us to step into the fullness of who we are. There is an increased mantle on this ministry.

Have you sensed an atmosphere in this conference? Can you sense how the words have been building one upon another?

In 2003 – Barbara Yoder brought a prophetic word to Aglow that caused her to shift in her own heart. She was undone for some time after. Something shifted in this ministry.

This year is our 38th conference. The number 38 means enslavement. I thought “Oh, great, that doesn’t sound very good.” Then the Lord showed me in John 5 there is a man by the pool of Bethesda who had been lying there for 38 years. He was enslaved in a body that wouldn’t work. He was locked into an old mindset. One day Jesus came and asked why are you here by the pool? He said I cant get into the waters when they’re stirred.

Jesus said, why don’t you just take up your bed and walk? Healing was coming in a different way than what the man expected. He needed to think in a different way. I believe that is what God is saying to us. He is transforming old mindsets and bringing new ones. There is something that is moving and changing. God wants to bring Heaven to Earth.

He is transforming old mindsets and bringing new ones.

In 2004 – Dutch Sheets gave us a key of authority. You will have the authority to say this stays, this goes. Women, God has spoken to you specifically since 1980 about the Genesis 3 scripture – enmity between the serpent and the woman. God said forever, Satan, she will be used again and again to expose you for who you really are. And there will come a seed from the woman that will be to your utter destruction.

There has been a prophetic word hanging over Satan all these years. He fears the woman – we’re his enemy, he’s not ours. I believe this is the hour. There has been much healing that has happened. In these last 8 years we have seen the men join us. It is together that we will see a greater thing that is yet to come: the man and the woman functioning together. We have passed our test. We have come to the fullness of time when something is emerging in this ministry – we’re to be light and salt on the Seven Mountains, to bring Heaven to Earth. It’s our time, our moment. God spoke the word, and Abraham received it and began to walk in it. He hadn’t thought of being a father and having so many children. But God spoke it.

When that shift occurred in 2003 and the key of authority was given the next year, these aren’t just fun little things that happened at a conference. He is calling us in a very purposeful and intentional way to rise up and become who God wants us to become. We need to shift our thinking and see this recession as a great opportunity.

A Birth is About to Occur

Yesterday we heard from the nations speaking of the earthquakes and wars. I have such a sense that the birth pangs have not only begun, but they’re becoming more intense and more frequent, which tells us that a birth is about to occur.

You cannot go back to your nations with old mindsets. You’ve seen him in his majesty; you’re in awe of him. That is what you’re taking back to your nations.

Ray shared with us from Genesis 1 . God’s spirit was brooding over the Earth. Out of the desire of His heart he said “Let there be…” and there was. Moving across what was darkness and confusion, with the sound of His voice, things began to change, and out of nothingness, what was the very desire of God’s heart began to be manifest on the Earth. We are living in a similar time, where He is looking for His people to be that sound on the Earth. A people that speak the word of the Lord, Heaven to Earth, and say “Let there be…”

Moses said, let my people go that they may worship Him. It’s time to go back to our nations, to our dwelling places. Aglow has a new mindset. We’re going back to make proclamation. We’re speaking like a bride, not a widow. We are expressing the very desire of His heart when we say “Let my people go.” Bring in the worshipers, bring in the harvest.

It is time for all arguments to come down and the glory of God to arise.

God is waiting to hear your sound. Every region, every culture, every person has within them the DNA of the King. And He has deposited Himself in you and He wants His sound through you to be heard on the Earth. It will be a glorious sound as we join our voices together and let the sound of Heaven be heard on the Earth.

We can no longer play church, play Aglow. He is saying to us “Arise, shine and let the glory of the Lord be upon you.”

It is the time of our arising.

If you’d like to watch or hear these messages in their entirety (and catch the parts I didn’t get), you can order CDs and DVDs from our friends at Fresh Audio and Video.

It’s been a great conference, and I’ve enjoyed bringing you this blog each day. I’ve grown in my understanding of who God is for me and how I can more effectively represent Him on the Earth. I’m excited about what God has in store for Aglow in the months and years ahead.

Until next year,



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