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Saturday PM Session – Ray Hughes

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The Saturday evening session started with a wonderful praise and worship time led by Klaus and his team with some special music from Charles Barnett, a long-time friend of Aglow, and our all-time favorite percussionist! There was an incredible feeling of freedom in the place. No religious spirit here!

Ray Hughes sharing on Saturday evening

Once again, Ray Hughes was our speaker. Ray continued on the theme of  Sound, and threw in a lot of church history. I probably got the spelling wrong on most of the names and places, so please forgive me.

It Doesn’t Make Sense
In the story of Gideon – God even gave the enemy dreams. You need to think beyond intellectual reasoning. It’s not supposed to make sense to the natural mind. Educated reasoning doesn’t count. God said “go get 300 pitchers.” When you break 300 pitchers it sounds like swords being drawn. Amos said there was a famine of the hearing of the Lord in the land. The enemy heard 300 broken vessels. These 300 acted as intercessors for the nation. When the sound (broken vessels) was heard, the light was seen.

Sometimes one simple sound changes generations.

The next sound the enemy heard was 300 war horns. The enemy knew that the only ones who got horns were captains of thousands. The enemy thought there must be many thousands of people out there. 300 people released a prophetic sound to the nations. Sometimes one simple sound changes generations.

Crying Boy Starts Revival
Coleraine, Ireland – 1859 — A young boy went to school one day. He began to cry. By the time he made it up to the teacher’s desk, he was convulsing. An older boy was asked to take him home. On the way home, the older boy leads him to the Lord. The younger boy went back to the school. He said “I gave my heart to Jesus and I’m no longer sad.” Then another boy in the class begins to cry, then another, then another. They all go out to the playground and start crying. The older boy went out and prays for each one.

The sound of the crying goes into the building and then the girls begin crying. They’re responding to an atmosphere in the school that has shifted. As the teachers begin going out into the hall, they fall under the spirit. They didn’t know what to do, so they brought in some preachers. The preachers called a meeting in the town square. They asked the preachers to share and give some clarity to the situation. As they began, someone in the back starts crying, then the whole place erupts. The preachers started going to people and praying for sections of people. They started getting saved.

The preachers started going door to door praying for people in 24 hour shifts. The whole town gets impacted. It all started with one little boy.  Every religious understanding of God got messed with, because God responded to a heart crying out for Him. Read more about the revival in Coleraine.

The Spirit of the Lord
When the Spirit of the Lord moves on my heart I will dance like David danced. When your spirit moves, God’s does too. He’s singing, rejoicing. He’s coming into a full orbital posture because I have touched His heart as He is touching me. My God in the midst of me is a singing God. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m singing about Him or if He’s singing about me!

We have a God-shaped hole that only He can fill. God has a “you”-shaped hole that only you can fill!

Just after the economic crash in America, one kid was praying. He started a prayer meeting in New York. Six people showed up. In a few weeks, 10,000 people were praying. It impacted the commerce of the world. Prayers were being answered in a way people didn’t understand. They didn’t have a grid for it. It was the beginning of the Cambridge Revival.

Port Glasgow, ScotlandMargaret McDonald — a pentecostal outpouring. She sees a vision in the trance of the church being raptured. This was 80 years before Azusa Street. The theologians came. They demonized the activities.

Unity is corporate humility. The center of the church is not the pulpit, it’s the throne.

Maria Etter

Maria Etter

We don’t know the mighty acts of God that have been performed on our land (the U.S.), so we don’t understand how much of a Christian nation we really are!

Maria Etter was answering the call to preach. She’d lost five babies and took many bullets but carried the mantle. Fights would break out in her meetings. she’d go into trances when she was preaching. People would go into trances in a 50 mile radius. Most of revival history was written by people who weren’t there. It’s hard to find accurate reports.

Maria preached her way to California. 10,000 people would be in attendance each day. Rowdies would come to cause trouble. She would go into a trance in the middle of a message and come back hours later. The sheriff turned the ushers into deputies. She lived her life bigger than the church.

The world could never handle outbreaks of praise. How did Miriam know what to do when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea? When she saw what God did, something exploded in her that said YES!

David employed full-time “Thankers.” Thankful teams could go into the city and find places  where God is never thanked. God will inhabit their hearts and begin manifesting in that place because He inhabits their thankfulness.

My God in the midst of me is a singing God.

How about full-time “Halalers”. They that halal seven times a day usher in the presence of God. When you halal God the word says they radiate and shine – it’s more like light than sound. I’ve seen praisers that actually glow. It’s happening. I’ve seen it.

It’s time to value signs and wonders and miracles. This will be the first wave. this is a reality – not Christian retoric.

The young man who got saved in the mine became a pastor (Ray referred to him this morning). He was preaching on a Sunday night and the people were looking past him. When he looked on the wall, he sees a 3-D image of the Lamb of God looking at them. The people ran home, got their relatives, came back and the entire congregation is having a vision.

Five hours later the image morphed into Jesus. Two weeks later, a little blind girl is brought in to the church. She gets healed. Two weeks later, a 15 year old with a withered leg gets healed.

Let the Spirit of God in you be released and sing songs you’ve never heard.

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  1. October 5th, 2011 at 15:15 | #1

    sound always activates reaction,weather good or bad,let’s be the one who releases the good of Jesus to others,stop and pause before we react ,Good? or Bad?.

  2. Trisha Channell
    October 7th, 2011 at 13:59 | #2

    Raywas great! I have listen to the cd over and over…What vision!

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