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Saturday AM Session – Ray Hughes

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Reports on Israel and Islam
Our Saturday morning session was incredible. We heard reports from Sandy Wezowicz about what Aglow is doing to support Israel, and Diane Moder, who shared about our efforts to pray for and share Christ with Muslims. Both reports stirred our hearts and helped us to better understand all that Aglow is doing in these two important areas of ministry.

Something Special

The Generations group from American Samoa led worship during our Saturday afternoon session. They had blessed us with this amazing God-honoring performance on Friday, and all our hearts were touched when they shared that they had raised enough money to get to Houston, but didn’t have enough for return tickets. Basically, they came on faith.

While they were leading worship, someone had it on their heart to give an offering to  to help them with their return-flight expenses, so they walked up and placed some cash on the stage. Soon others followed suit, then others, and then many others, until there was a sizable pile of cash on the platform. The ushers, seeing what was happening, grabbed offering buckets and distributed the money between them while people continued to come forward to participate in this spontaneous outpouring of love and support.

When the worship time was over, the ushers gathered the offering and put it in a duffel bag. Jane motioned for the leader of the group to come forward, and she presented it to him. Full of emotion and thanks, he gratefully accepted it on behalf of his group. Jane said that we haven’t counted it, but should the funds be in excess of what they need to get home, they should consider it “seed money” for their trip to Israel.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place as we got to be the answer to their prayer for provision, and the blessing from God to honor their faith. How cool is that?

Ray Hughes

I’ll do my best here to share Ray’s message. If you’ve ever heard Ray Hughes speak, you know what I mean when I say it’s difficult to take notes when he’s preaching. It’s awesome stuff, but it’s deep, and he tells a lot of stories. Anyway, here goes…

Ray Hughes

Ray Hughes speaking on Saturday morning

Genesis 1 – the Spirit was hovering — it means there was a trembling or a vibration over the water. Without form or void – “tohu bohu.” There were no nations, nothing. In the middle of the nothing, God’s desire quickened him to the point that he started trembling. God said “Let there be light.” and there was light. It was a releasing of everything He was into that moment. Matter and mystery were all created in one proclamation. He did that because He’s awesome!

Then, the triune God created a triune being – man. The “sound” of His light was the atmosphere. Science never disagrees with scripture, only scientists do. Every time the scientists make one more “discovery”, they give us another reason to praise the Creator.

Restoration of  Worship
The nations didn’t exist until after idolatry existed. Lucifer lost his incredible favor as the chief worship leader because he become more position-minded rather than presence-minded. Same thing happened with the Tower of Babel.

We were created as an image-bearing, worshiping force that restores worship back to the throne.

What we value, we can access. Often we don’t even know what to value in the presence of God. We don’t know what access is available to us. We could shake a city or nation in a day if we knew how to access it.

Whatever Adam called each creature, that was its name. If we value what God is doing in our generation, we can name it. Many things happened historically that we look over and think it was circumstances, when actually it was God’s people praying.

Israel’s Song
The nations are getting their songs back. Israel, when will you sing the song of your Lord? It’s up to us to have a position in activating Israel to find their song. What an honor to be part of this generation!

Israel lost their song in Egypt, until God told Moses to set them free. It was one of the darkest times in their history. He said “Moses, tell Pharo to let my people go”. It wasn’t just about getting them out of Egypt. It was about restoring the song. When they stepped over the Red Sea, Mariam grabbed a tambourine and Israel got their song back.

Look at the creativity that’s springing out from the Body of Christ today. We’re activating a “now” God who can release “suddenlies” anywhere He likes. Art can make a prophetic statement. 1700’s – 1800’s the Flemish created a whole new genre called Landscape. When you paint a tree you’re acknowledging an image of something an awesome God did that man can’t do.

What if we started carrying God’s ideas as His “image-bearers”?

How important is it for us to sing?
Everything He created in this universe, He created to tremble at His voice. In the original language, the meaning  for sing is to “walk about as a strolling minstrel releasing your sound.” We’re called to carry our song. When our song changes, we have the authority to release God in our day.

What happens when God has a whole generation who are willing to step out of the ranks of the religious system?

As we get our creativity back, the harvest is a part of it. It’s God’s response to our response. There is a people being raised up that aren’t afraid of the sound. Adam and Eve hid themselves from God because they heard the “sound” and hid from the presence.

God is giving us a place in His presence and we’ll redeem the nations because we’re more presence-oriented than position-oriented. What happens when God has a whole generation who are willing to step out of the ranks of the religious system?

Where did Miriam get the tambourine? She brought it out as spoils from Egypt.

Martin Luther was raised up by God to give the people back their song. On Oct. 31, 1517 – a sound is heard that had not been heard at the church (Luther’s pounding the 95 thesis on the door).

One day Martin Luther hears a clicking on the street. An old blind man is coming down the street and he’s singing scripture. He has an “aha” moment: “I’ll make the word of God into song — so that people can remember it”. Law-givers don’t shape culture, songwriters, poets, artists, dancers do. You change the language of a nation when you redefine what creativity is all about. God is raising up a generation that is bringing a shift — the new creativity that will access Heaven. We’re headed to a new sound, which is new expression of an old sound.

Elbows on the Table

da Vinci's Last Suppper

The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci

Why is it wrong to have your elbows on the table? Because of da Vinci’s Last Supper. Only Judas had his elbows on the table. Artists shape culture!

Put your elbows on the table! Be culture-shakers!

Light and blood are the same thing. Blood is nothing more than congealed light. The blood of Jesus was a light to the world. Gen 1 is about creation. John 1 is about new creation.

Jesus was the “sound” of God’s desire.

Restored Identity
Gideon – people worshipped Baal. Multitude: “tumultuous noise” of many people being released against you. At the restoration of worship, God moves. This change is going to be accelerated and magnified. Gideon was hiding in the dark place. The angel appears and said “Mighty man of valor” When he spoke his name, he activated his testimony. His name means “feller of warriors”.

Gideon’s identity was gone because of Baal worship. The angel re-activated his identity. Gideon walked out and tore down the altar of Baal. Gideon worshipped and set up an altar to God. The whole town knew – something has changed. God spoke to one who’s destiny was not darkness. Creativity is a process and God is always looking for partners.

The Song in Church History

Wales was impacted powerfully by moves of God. First awakening – Hal Harris, Daniel Rowland, William Williams. 1829 outpouring. “Preacher Poets”. The Welsh Jumpers. They would jump and preach. Christmas Evans “One-eyed profit of North Wales.” Proclamation was received without intellectualizing. Also in 1839, ’49, ’59, but not in 1869. It took until 1903 for God to move and create an atmosphere that birthed the Welsh revival.

A little girl was part of the “New Key girls” – they started singing to Jesus and digging into the Word. Through that process, something incredible happened. Pastor Joseph Jenkins protected them from the church. He didn’t know what box to put it in. He started a conference and began to teach about these encounters. In the meeting, the little girl stood up and said “I love Jesus with all my heart – he died for me.” When she did, a tear came down that started an outpouring for the nation.

Evan Roberts went to Blanenart for a conference – there was everyone in one room including Seth Joshua. They’d been contending for it since 1859. These seeds had been lying dormant for 18 years, then Heaven kissed earth.

One generation helping another to bring a change in the culture.

One young man was saved in the mines and began preaching on a street corner. An old lady gets a chair and sets it by him. He stood up on it and continued to preach. 50 – 60 people are gathered. He continues to preach into the night. The old lady gets a kerosene light. One generation helping another to bring a change in the culture.

How much has been stolen in music? We need to redefine music to the nations of the earth so that they can know the fullness of their indigenous expression of music. On 12/12/12 – we’re going to the tunnel of Zedekiah – the last place worship was expressed. In that cave, there’s room for about 4000 people. We’re going to invite musicians from all around the world to worship in that place. God is raising up voices that will shift things in the earth.

Begin to shape culture. God has an anointing on you and your children that you don’t even realize.

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  1. Olwen Bird
    October 7th, 2011 at 12:27 | #1

    Rays message was awe inspiring.

    The Americam Samoa group were awesome and such a Blessing, do you know if they received enough to get home? I’m praying they will get to Israel next April.

  2. Fran Hallgren
    October 11th, 2011 at 20:07 | #2

    Where do we go to order DVD/CD’s of Conference?
    Though your summaries are really great!

  3. October 11th, 2011 at 22:11 | #3

    @Fran Hallgren
    Hi Fran, you can order CD/DVDs from Fresh Audio & Video. Tell ’em I sent you 🙂

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