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Saturday AM Session

October 3rd, 2010

This session had to be one of the most impactful, significant times of the conference — maybe of any conference. It’s hard to put it into words. The move of the Holy Spirit was so powerful and the sense of God’s presence so heavy, that no one wanted to leave. The conference staff had to almost force us off the platform!

Ray Hughes was the speaker for this session. He was in rapid-fire mode for sure and threw more information at us than any of us could process, let alone write down. Here are a few nuggets:

  • We’re created to resonate with the glory of God
  • Sound changes the atmosphere
  • What we’ve believed and spoken is what we are
  • When you shout, God shouts
  • New songs break old cycles

About Aglow
This is what Ray said about Aglow: “There’s something huge happening in our generation. If a new sound is coming, it’s going to be connected to a resonant anointing; connected to this organization (Aglow) that I don’t even know much about.”

Ray then gave us a music history lesson all the way through the Beatles and shared how music has impacted culture. He talked about the pivotal decade of the 60’s and most importantly 1967 when so much upheaval was happening in society. He said that the time in which we are now living is even more critical than then. The church is 20 years behind. It’s time to shift. We’ve been loosing the battle, but not any more. The tide is turning, and women will play a key role.

This followed an amazing time of worship and waiting on the Lord. Several people I talked with afterward said that there was a shift of some kind that happened in the spirit during those 30 minutes or so that followed the message. It’s very difficult to describe, but something happened. Something powerful.

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