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Friday Afternoon

October 3rd, 2010

Our afternoon session speaker was Graham Cooke. We always get a lot from Graham and this session was no exception.

Close Encounters
Remember the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Graham must be digging into his old movie archives, because he used the film as a metaphor for our experience with the Holy Spirit and prophecy, and our journey from average to spectacular.

Graham went on to share about how we have all the qualities of Christ living within us:

  • We’re a new creation, a new species
  • It should be normal for you to hear God, know God, walk with Him and do great exploits!

God doesn’t put walls up around us — He takes them down. Go until you hear “no.” You are unbounded.

Walking in the Extraordinary
There’s a lot we need to unlearn. A lot of what we’ve learned through our religious training isn’t real. We’ve grown up in a religious culture that won’t allow us to be obedient to the Word of the Lord. We need to give up the familiar in order to walk in the extraordinary.

God looks at you and sees what’s missing from your current experience of Him. God is not dealing with your sin — he already dealt with it on the cross. He’s dealing with your righteousness.

We want new, but insist on thinking in old ways. We want the new to fit in with the old. How does that fit in with what we’re doing? It doesn’t! God isn’t fitting in with us — he’s enlarging our vision so we can fit in with Him.

A New Sound
Aglow is finding a new sound, a new note, a new call. Cities are not going to fall to the sound of business as usual. You don’t want to settle for less anymore. He’s doing a new thing and that new thing is YOU!

Abraham went out not knowing where he was going. He walked off his map. The map isn’t the territory. We don’t need our map anymore. The territory just got bigger.

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