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Opening Session – Friday AM

October 1st, 2010

Nothing is better for starting off a conference than great worship, and Klaus and his team did not disappoint. The two central themes of the worship this morning (it seemed to me) were peace and love. Klaus has a wonderful sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and the glory of God’s presence was powerful as we worshipped together.

The World is Changing
Jane reminded us in her message this morning that the world is changing rapidly. There are now 500 million users on Facebook; economies are no longer national, but global; new world powers are emerging who refuse to play by the rules, and there is an increase in Islam, terrorism, and infectious diseases. Much of what we t00k for granted in the past will soon be unavailable.

But God is on the throne!

He’s not running to catch up, He’s moving ahead of us and preparing the way. There is always a parallel move of God with what is happening in the world. Embrace the process, walk the journey.

The glory of what God is forming in us (Aglow) now will be greater than the former. He will bring you to your destiny. Lift up your eyes, He’s wanting to change your address.

A New Lighthouse
Jane shared a prophetic word with us from Graham Cooke’s intercession team. Here are a few of the main points:

  • I saw a lighthouse with a sign that it is “under renovation”
  • The new lighthouse will be vastly more powerful than the previous one
  • It will push back the darkness
  • Aglow is being upgraded big time
  • Aglow will be greater than even what the leaders have envisioned

Eighth Month
She also shared a word from a pastor in South Africa:

  • There is something this ministry is carrying that the world has not seen
  • You’re pregnant and in the eighth month – not an easy time – but you’re about to give birth
  • Watch for it and begin to praise him for what you are about to receive and give birth to

Jane then said that none of the words spoken to Aglow will fall as dead to the ground. It’s time to dream. Aglow is coming into new forms of ministry and mission; new authority birthed out of relationship.

Jane then asked several individuals to give reports:

  • Transformation – Janet Mangum reported that due to Aglow Transformation trips going out since 2007, more than 40,000 people have received Christ, and 350 new Bible studies have been started. There also have been a staggering number of miracles.
  • International – Jervae Brooks gave us an overview of how Aglow Transformation Stations are making a difference in people’s lives all over the world. She specifically cited projects in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, and Indonesia to name a few.
  • Israel/Islam – Sandy Wezowitz shared about an ongoing Monday night prayer teleconference that now has the potential of including up to 1000 participants. These are men and women traveling under the radar and setting off Holy Spirit explosions around the world! She said that the annointing on this telecon has been amazing because they are:
    • Praying with the right heart
    • Providing strategic, timely information
    • Not condeming or tearing down, but speaking life words
    • Exposing the systems and lies of the enemy
    • Calling Muslims and Jews to Christ
  • Washington DC – Four years ago the Lord spoke to Nancy McGuirk about establishing a presence of Aglow in Washington DC. Through the help of some knowledgeable friends, Nancy has been able to form relationships key politicians including congressman Randy Forbes. Nancy said that Washington DC is a place of negativity and strife; we bring life, joy and blessing.

 Jane finished the session by saying that a new level of prayer is opening up, based on permission granted. It’s prayer with a different sound.

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