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Good to be Together

October 25th, 2009

Sunday — The final day of conference was every bit as amazing as the others. I know how much work has gone into organizing this gathering so that everything comes together as it should, but without the Holy Spirit’s power and presence, it would be just another event. This was far from just another event.

Key People
Arvie Muff, Aglow’s Director of Special Events and Conferences, gave recognition to the leaders of our local volunteer staff for this conference. The local volunteers were a HUGE help in making this event a success. Arvie acknowledged the excellent leadership of Patricia Long, Marie Dossett and Donna Taylor and honored them publicly for the crucial part they played.

Praying for the men during the Sunday session.

Men in Aglow
We heard from the men this morning. Dwight Brooks introduced two of them, one from Denmark and the other from the UK, both of whom have been forerunners with getting men involved in Aglow. They each gave reports of changed lives and active, thriving men’s groups.

After the reports, Dwight had the men in the audience stand and then asked the women to pray over them. Being a man, I’m probably a little biased about this, but I think it was one of the most significant moments of the conference.

Intimacy and Glory
Asher’s message this morning was from Revelation 1 — the account of John’s vision of the glorified Christ. Asher said that even though John was terrified at the site, he considers this to be one of the most intimate moments in all of scripture. Jesus was revealing his true nature to John — allowing him to see him as he really is. John had already known Jesus in a personal way — as a friend — now he would know him in his glory as well.

asher_prayerAsher went on to say that intimacy with Christ is our greatest treasure. It should mean more to us than anything else in life.

At the end of his message, Asher pulled his prayer shawl over his shoulders and prayed in Hebrew for the men and women of Aglow. It was a precious time as the Spirit of God hovered over that place.

Two things followed Asher’s prayer. First, Jane shared a story about the King of Denmark, Christian X, who wore a Star of David on his sleeve to show support of Danish Jews suffering persecution under Nazi occupation during World War II.

Jane then asked that a Star of David be passed out to every person in the session as a sign of Aglow’s support of our Jewish brothers and sisters — especially during this tjane_star_davidime of rising anti-semitism.

Secondly, Jane asked Victor Khalil, a friend of Aglow and an Arab, to come forward and pray, along with Asher, for the salvation of both their peoples. Victor and Asher prayed passionate prayers and embraced as brothers. It was an emotional time for all of us — and a very fitting way to end this conference. Julie Meyer led us in a song of victory, Jane said once again “It was good to be together” and invited all Amercan Aglow members to join us in San Jose next year September 30 – Oct. 3 for the Aglow National Conference. She also encouraged the various nations to attend their conferences, saying that she was sure they’d all be outstanding events.

With that we made our way out of the building, exhausted, but filled to overflowing.

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  1. October 26th, 2009 at 10:13 | #1

    Welcome Rick! it is so great to have a webmaster…. after going months with only part-time….Your blog is GREAT! I look forward to all the new things that you will bring to Aglow!

    Wisconsin – Southern Area VP of Public Relations

  2. October 26th, 2009 at 20:15 | #2

    Hello Rick!

    Thanks for this great synopsis of the conference! I was there Friday night and Saturday morning but I have to speak at our local Aglow this Thursday and you’ve provided me with further material to use!

    Blessings brother!
    Heidi Orahood
    Raymond, OH

  3. Sandy Yaroch
    October 26th, 2009 at 20:45 | #3

    Is the Aglow website down?

  4. October 26th, 2009 at 21:36 | #4

    Thanks for the great comments. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the “Aglow Tribe.” And thanks for the heads-up about the site, Sandy. It was up and running this morning, but there seems to be a problem now. I’ll go in and investigate…

  5. Sandy Yaroch
    October 26th, 2009 at 21:50 | #5

    You are good!!!

    All is well now! Thanks!

  6. Manuela Ammann
    October 27th, 2009 at 06:24 | #6

    Hello Rick,

    Thank you very much for your brilliant reporting. You did an excellent work. Be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Many Greetings from Switzerland
    Manuela Ammann

  7. Joy Mosley
    November 2nd, 2009 at 11:13 | #7

    Rick : Your insights and reporting are just what I was l needing to present a report to the lighthouses. We received so much and this a wonderful recap. Is it possible to have these reports in a printable format – minus pictures, to distribute to those from our Area not attending the Conference?

    So glad you are with us!
    Joy Mosley
    Northern AZ Area Team

  8. November 4th, 2009 at 12:30 | #8

    As I mentioned to Joy in an email, you can now print the reports, minus the photos, by clicking on the Print This Post link at the top of each page.

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