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Here They Come!

October 21st, 2009

Wednesday — the day before Conference and the first wave of attendees decends upon Louisville. Actually, they’ve been arriving over the last few days, but today was the first day I noticed a significant increase in the numbers.

Bethany, one of our interns at Headquarters, helping out at the products table.

The Marketplace

There’s an area of the conference called The Marketplace — it’s where participants come to register, purchase products and find out about the various ministries of Aglow. I’m at the Ministry Booth along with Rowena and Oyin, representing the Communications Department.

Other members of the Headquarters staff are helping out at registration and the products table. We’re all having a great time greeting attendees, answering questions and helping out where we can.

New Friends

Because I’m so new to Aglow, I’m meeting almost everyone for the first time. I mentioned to Rowena what a diverse group they are. I know this is a worldwide conference, and that’s to be expected, but I’m really enjoying it!

My new friends from Cote D'Ivoire, West Africa.

Today I met three ladies from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. Francoise, Marcelle and Akko were so much fun to talk with (I practiced some of my limited French). Francoise said she has been coming to the worldwide conferences since 1998!

I also enjoyed opportunities to pray and be prayed for. One group of ladies gathered around me and began to prophesy. Okay, I’ll admit that I was a little surprised (even though I was told it would probably happen), but it was actually a huge blessing for me — they were being used by the Lord to bring encouragement and inspiration. Thanks, ladies — I needed that!

Leaders Summit

One of the great things about the conference is that it gives Aglow leaders a chance to come together and seek the Lord. From what I hear, God always does powerful things in these meetings.

Aglow leaders seeking His face.

I had the opportunity to sit in for just a little while today and I can say that the Spirit of God was certainly in that place. More than anything, these leaders want to follow God as He continues to direct this ministry. As the wind of the Holy Spirit blows, they want to hoist the sails and let Him steer the ship.

International Council

This was day two of the International Council meetings. One of the very cool things about these meetings is the way the translations are handled.
As you can imagine, with more than a dozen nations represented, translation is a big issue.
Aglow is blessed to have a team of translators that do an excellent job performing a very challenging task: they have to listen to what’s being said from the platform, and at the same time translate it into another language. Ever tried to listen and talk at the same time? It’s not easy! Each translator sits in a soundproof booth and “broadcasts” the translation to the headsets of the listeners. It’s a very effective setup.

We are blessed to have a team of excellent translators at the conference.

Tomorrow is our first day of conference, with many meetings scheduled including the first general session at 7:30 pm. I can’t be everywhere at once, but I’ll do my best to give you a good overview.


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  1. Marjorie(Grandma) Greene
    November 14th, 2009 at 17:44 | #1

    My friend Mildred (Tinker) Shuman, Auntie Ruth Ward and I were very honored and blessed to be leading the parade at the Aglow Conference. This has been a highlight that will never be forgotton. Thank you so much Aglow for all you do and God bless. I am happy to be in the family.
    We are from the Ojibwe Nation in Lac Du Flambeau, WIsconsin

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